Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just blink your eyes, (or take a long weekend), and you will miss a great post from Ed Winkleman. Here, he offers solid advice for getting a gallery.

I have begun my new embroidery, and will be working on one cartoon today as a reward.....
AFTER I design a postcard for the upcoming Belger Art Center show, go to the thrift store to buy a new quilt for wrapping the Defense Mechanism Coat [the last place it showed, they did not follow deinstallation instructions and put it into the crate sans protective blanket (ouch!) ], and complete crate-reinforcement for said coat. My much-loved behemoth will be taking its first trip without the presence of an overprotective, neurotic mother in the coming weeks, as I have deemed a 20-hours-each-way-delivery-drive not worth the time and agony these days.


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