Friday, June 30, 2017

Lie Hole IV

Lie Hole IV, 2017, 10 x 8", colored pencil on Rives BFK paper 
(working photo)

This mouth has bullied its way through the world. This mouth prides itself on hyperbolic retaliation and abuse. This mouth promised to pay those who built its empire, then refused, then laughed. This mouth can’t help itself from curling into an arrogant sneer. This mouth preyed upon the desperation of thousands, swindling them out of life savings. This mouth, wet with slime, has forced open hundreds of womens’ unwilling lips. This mouth seeks to dominate and possess with words the women he can’t get his tiny, puffy hands on. This mouth expressed desire to “date” its own daughter. This mouth is an absolute stranger to altruism. This mouth has lowered every conceivable bar of decency. This mouth over gesticulates, swollen with the delusion of its own importance.
This mouth incites hatred, intolerance and violence on the public stage, and has emboldened like-minded aggressors everywhere. This mouth is obsessed with satisfying its own appetites. This mouth is one that good people shield their children from. This mouth blusters and brags. This mouth… undeserving and vulgar, placed in a powerful position, debases and shames our great country. This mouth spews a language of lies. This mouth appears in women’s nightmares, whispering breathy obscenities in our ears, the putrid rush of air perfumed with the decades of undigested beef that lines its bloated gut. This is a mouth of a monster, embodying all the darkest archetypes of our collective psyches, one that we always prayed could never exist in real life. This is the mouth of the evil madman, running through our streets, that must be vanquished before we can, once again, know sound sleep.


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