Sunday, June 25, 2006

Karmically, there is enough pie to go around....

Heads up, artists... George Sugarman grant applications are due this week! Wouldn't it be great if all artists told other artists about opportunities that they might want to know about, even though they might win and you may not. I have been telling my BFA students for years, now there are no more BFA students to tell. : (
It just FEELS better to think that there is lots of pie, or that even though I might not get the blueberry pie that my friend gets, there is some raspberry peach (warm with French Vanilla ice cream) for me around the corner, and someone might tell me about that. I'm sure it's a residual Catholic thing, multiplying loaves & fishes, giving things away makes you richer..... passing good currency.

Spent the whole weekend painting the den.... goodbye "butter" walls, hello avocado walls with paprika ceilings (between the dark wood beams). Finally, a room I can spend time in without feeling waves of beige-good-taste nausea.
We also drove 35 miles to see "An Inconvenient Truth".

Last night, had a dream about the Pierre Huyghe piece again, it was so haunting.... all those musicians playing in the dark, like everyone finding their way together, through something so much bigger than themselves...(I am fascinated by collaboration because I am such a control freak).... the rain falling in Central Park was 9/11 dust, and that penguin was crying out.


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