Sunday, June 18, 2006


Friday night we went to a “do” at the NC Museum in Raleigh. It was the Young Urban Professionals group, getting together to drink and find suitable partners equally interested in “art” or at least interested in spending time at functions like this, i.e., a group of museum board-members-in-training.
The attire was “summer party”, so I wore my special fun shoes:

Kevin wanted some input into his wardrobe, and so I remembered the great shirt I saw among his things stored in the attic, ran up there to get it, and made him put it on:
The shirt looked great and was a big hit, except when people had the desire to address him: they got confused, because it was his father’s shirt:

The food was good, and we met a few nice people, though it mostly looked like debs and the types who would marry them. By the time I picked out the curator and casually worked my way in to a conversation with her, I had consumed two glasses of wine, and was probably a bit forthright with my opinions, which I can only hope was appreciated. I am pretty certain that when you introduce yourself as an artist who has just relocated to the area, they assume that you are just another person doing bad watercolor landscapes. I hate this part of the job. Why can’t I just wear my art around my neck everywhere?

Saturday, we got up at the crack of dawn to go to the Raleigh Flea Market at the State Fairgrounds….. it was great! Amazingly cool stuff, lots of great antiques, and great prices. We almost bought a large garden gate, and we are going back for an over-the-top Art Nouveau lamp. I got doilies to embroider on and an amazing peach silk 1920s dress for $7.00 !!!!!! Then I saw it……. How could I not?!!! So, while Kevin shook his head and waited for me under a tree, I went in to experience this new regional culinary specialty:
It tasted, well, like you might expect a twinkie to taste if it was battered and deep fried, warm, with the cream center turned to liquid. I took two bites, enough to get the molten-liquid-center effect, and gave the rest to an appreciative dog.

Sunday has so far been layed-back, with Kevin using our new KitchenAid to make us some bread and pizza dough. We then had a mini-pizza competition, limited by what was in the fridge... Kevin is of Italian lineage, and although he experiments a great deal in the kitchen, when it comes to pizza, he is a bit of a purist, so his were tomato sauce with oregano and mozzarella, and a white with ricotta, oregano, and motz, and I did a gorgonzola w/caramelized onions and motz, and a red one with sauce, rosemary, pork, parm & motz. I diverge... I promise to stop writing about nonsense and write about art next time…. xo K


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate, thanks for your new blog, it will be a fabu;ous way to keep intouch with you and your new life. I'll check in every day...

9:15 AM  
Blogger David Langston said...

Kate and Kev:
Sounds like life in NC suits you ok. Funnel cakes are great and somewhat reginoal. Not like Speedies (I think that is what thise marinated kabibs were called)in Binghampton. More regional would be BBQ with seasoning in the meat prior to serving. And the biscuits from Biscuitville are faboulously delicious. Beats pizza for breakfast any day.
I love the blog Kate. Your reflections on the Art professor were great. I love the DOTS start to the, looks like a country lane, painting. Wish I could have been there for Kev in the Moonbeamers Tee. Ha! Must have been a hit!
Love you guys and I will blog back when I can.
PS Not doing Duke this year. Waiting to Joe begins his Junior year to explore the campus. He turned 16 this week! Oh where the time goes!
Dave "Langstonian" Langston

1:33 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Dave: Have found a few good BBQ places, and we did try Biscuitville when we first moved here, but I am trying hard to avoid the dreaded "Biscuitville Butt", which is also a regional specialty, so we stay away these days!

4:32 PM  

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