Thursday, June 29, 2006

That explains it.....

"How is the selection of artists influenced? There are, as we all know, only a few dozen curators, a few dozen critics worldwide, and we're all connected in one way or another. The question I want to raise is this: are we really free in our selection in a connected and somehow already manipulated art world like this? I doubt it." -Udo Kittleman, Director of the Museum fur Modern Kunst, Frankfort

..... and I can almost guarantee that this tight group of curators is not riding around together in a bus touring rural North Carolina to see if there is anything interesting being made in anyone's attic!

I am wiped out, my fingers ache... from writing grants, and working on a pine box car, yes, you heard me right. The deadline is Saturday, and what I thought would be "fun", and a good way to meet other artists, the SECCA curator, etc., has turned into a colossal pain in the butt. I am making a hedgehog car with hundreds of holes drilled into it, and hundreds of nails glued into the holes. Kevin says that I am addicted to the process of gluing lots of small things on to big things, and I can't argue with him, looking around my house...

Anyway, went to Michael's craft store and they have no little beady animal eyes, so I am tearing apart an old stuffed animal to get some. The critter is about half done, but my fingers don't work so well anymore, so I am hitting the hay. Other than a possible posting of my derby critter, you won't hear from me 'til Monday. Happy 4th of July weekend. (My Mom used to make a flag sheet cake that she saw in Family Circle with sliced strawberries for stripes, and blueberries for the negative space around the stars... my holiday guests are getting Tiramisu).


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