Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What is more frustrating than embroidering with hair?

Pulling out your hair embroidery to redo part of it. Been working on this landscape for the past 2 days, it is not yet finished, and the tornado is still to come. Tomorrow is grant writing and packet day, followed by company, which means 2-3 hours in the studio per day max. Putting a little space between me and the embroidery for a few days is probably a healthy thing. Kevin had to pull me off of it to sit down and have dinner tonight, because I was in the middle of doing the telephone poles.

Coming soon; "married artist vs. single artist".... remembering the days when dinner was worked into a breaking point in the art (of course, dinner back then was also a chunk of cheese and some raw brocolli, not a warm gourmet delight served by a handsome husband) These days, I am trying to lead a bit more "balanced" life, after 20 years of having the scales tipped in an terribly unhealthy way towards artmaking and my art career.

Is it just me, or have artists become more mainstream in the past 20 years? When I was an undergrad, most of my professors were divorced alcoholics who chain-smoked. Now most of the artists I know go to the gym, eat healthy, have real relationships.... hell, Janine Antoni had a baby and moved to Park Slope, just like any other professional New Yorker. They're modeling for designers and sporting polite, well-dressed smiles in Vogue's society pages.

Most of the artists I know still like to drink, but there is very little misbehaving. Have artists, learning from their predecessors, decided that they want to stick around longer? Is excess out of fashion? It is consummate professionalism/being protective of their careers that keeps them in line? Or am I romanticizing the past? I spent a month at the Millay Colony in upstate NY one summer, and we got to tour her house. She had a gorgeous overgrown outdoor swimming pool in the woods behind her house, with a fountain and a bar. Inside the house was a painting, of naked people laughing and drinking and jumping in the very same pool. I have seen days like this back in grad school, but I don't see them too much any more. I told Kevin I wanted to build an outdoor bed in the back yard, with vines growing up the posts and diaphanous curtains, and he laughed before he realized that I was serious. A natural pool, an outdoor shower, some chandeliers hanging from the trees.... Give us a few years to get it all finished, and we will have a decadent summer night party.... you can bring all your kids, some bottled water, and low fat snacks, if that's your inclination.


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