Monday, July 17, 2006

Artist on the Road.....

Painted 'till 3:30, slept 'till 8:30. Here is a teaser, the light rays are the only thing that are not in there yet, you'll get a real high quality finished picture in a day or two.....
Need a place to photograph in the studio to get the colors right... there is a lot more to this than chartreuse. Kevin is putting up color corrected bulbs while I am gone. Tonight I get a good night sleep, then hit the road in the morning. Dropping off a painting in Atlanta, then continuing on to Miami, to drop off the above painting to The Chelsea Galleria, and pick up Crying Men

so that they can be shipped off to Columbia SC for a show next month. Will probably end up crashing in Jacksonville or thereabouts. Love roadtrips, get my best thinking done alone while driving.... now I bring a tape recorder with me every time I do a long drive. It is also my time to call people and catch up. Will check in from the motel tomorrow night with a blog that I have been kicking around that is sure to get me in trouble.... :)


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