Tuesday, July 25, 2006


One week. Two paintings delivered to Atlanta and Miami. 4 paintings picked up. 2 dinner parties, 2 nights out, brunch with some of (it's off season) the gang. Several hours at the Red, White & Blue Thrift Store looking for stuff for the next Psychological Clothing pieces. 16 hour drive down, 11 hour drive back. My body still feels like it is vibrating from the road, but I thought out many of the details of the next major painting, and composed all the text for a pseudo-children's book. Denny's now has free Wi-Fi, so I could transpose from my tape recorder to my laptop while waiting for my salad to come out.

Discussed what will hang in the gallery during Art Basel and a show next year. Best of all, I have had this large, involved painting idea that has been haunting me. I started gathering references, then said to myself, "You have never done anything like this before, and you cannot do another major, 6 month painting!", and I would put everything away, but then it would tease me, and I would be working the details of the painting out in the back of my brain, even though I said this painting wasn't going to happen. I thought about it on the ride down, and knew that this is the painting that I want to make now. I mentioned to the gallery director that I had this idea that was not letting go of me. As I explained it, she got much more excited about it than I was, and said she would put it front and center in her booth at Art Miami.

So I write this from my studio, not perched on a bed someplace in the middle of the night. I am still feeling a bit dull, but today is the day to set the studio up for the next round of stuff: finishing the hair embroidery so it can be photographed, ordering canvas for "the big painting", and getting an area ready to assemble a massive mailing (new hair embroideries on CD to curators and galleries around the world, with a focus on Europe). Luckily, in my absence, SarahP has sent 4 CDs full of new music that should make some of these unromantic artist's tasks more palatable.

Highlights of the trip: seeing my friends, dinner at Plein Sud in North Miami, crossing from Georgia to Florida and seeing a large billboard that said, "Attention visitors: be warned that Florida residents are allowed to use DEADLY FORCE!", with a big picture of a gun shooting a bullet through the "Attention Visitors" part. Welcome to the Sunshine State! Courtesy of Jeb, no doubt. (It was the turnpike. no place to back up, pull over and photograph.) And my friend Jim, who shared his lovely Palm Beach home for a relaxing final two days after the whirlwind of Miami, told me the story of a brief obituary he recently read that I cannot shake. "Her soul was pure, but her life was difficult: she was a flower in a mud puddle."


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