Sunday, July 09, 2006

Worth checking out....

This weekend was spent in Va Beach, delivering my old red couch to my sister, and stopping to get some sun. Hit the contemporary Art Center where there was a great Carrie Mae Weems show, and a regional juried show that was mostly unremarkable and derivative, lots of digital photographs sent out to someplace to be blown up and mounted behind Plexiglas. One of the exceptions was work done by Stephanie Frantz, (this example not one of the photos in the exhibition) a series of photographs that read as underwater environments from a distance, dense with atmosphere and anthropomorphic texture, revealing themselves to be somewhat disgusting piles or mixtures of food upon closer inspection.

Spent the 4 hour drive home working on the mailing list... a new laptop has reduced my previously wasted or mindless time time to almost nothing! I can now work almost anywhere instead of relaxing.

If you have not visited the Saatchi Gallery website lately, you should, they are turning themselves into a kind of WWW art hub, complete with a section called Your Gallery, where n'aporte qui (that means you) can upload up to 6 images of work, resume tidbits, your website link, etc. for free. I did not waste too much time perusing the other artists' pages, because, as you might guess, there is lots of BAD ART. But there was some good art in there as well, and it could not hurt.... they also have blogs, debates, a place to post essays, links to NYT articles, and updated art news every 15 minutes from around the world. Another line blurred as a private enterprise works to establish itself as a seemingly unbiased, authoritative source of valuable information.

In a complete non-sequitur, I was at the XXXX Museum of Art the other day, and there, framed on the wall, was a John Currin GICLEE print. I have never seen this before, has anyone else seen any Giclees on museum walls? This was a small museum, but, nevertheless, I did not know that this was now an acceptable art form.


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