Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Art World Phone Book...

I remember how excited I was when I found an apartment, moved out on my own, and saw my name in the phone pook for the very first time. "I'm a person!", I thought, "I exist!". I felt that way again when I saw my name in the Annual Art in America Guide for the first time. That was several years ago, and every August since then, my heart skips a little beat when the newest guide makes its appearance in my mailbox. I have only been in it twice. This year, even having a gallery in Miami showing my stuff, I am invisible.
Like your work, which does not really exist until it has been recorded in slide or digital form, you do not exist as an artist unless you have a presence in whatever source is being used to look you up. This fact is leading me to craft a long essay on ambition, and what that means in the art world, as opposed to other professions. But it has to be crafted while I work, because I have a deadline.

I lined my worksurface with tracing paper to keep the embroidery clean, but it has started doubling as a place to jot things down as I work. So, back to it...


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