Monday, August 28, 2006

Exhibition at USC tomorrow...

Well, I am back home... for about 12 hours. Then it is off to USC Columbia to open the painting invitational exhibition, Emblematic. There will be a discussion panel at 4, followed by a reception for the exhibition from 5-7. I am excited... the panel questions sounded provocative and will be fun to discuss, and I will be on the panel with Jim Barsness, whose work I have admired for a long time. One of the other painters featured in the exhibition is Scott Belville, who was my major professor in grad school at UGA. The full details of the exhibition along with some images can be found here.

Friday afternoon, Kevin was free, and we went to the Smithsonian where we saw the William Wegman show (worth seeing... I love his early videos even though there are a few clunkers mixed in with the good stuff). It made me miss Radley, of course. We saw the National Portrait Competition, which was pretty much straight realism, portraiture in the most narrow sense of the word, but some good painting... I really liked the winning piece (see link above).

Saturday morning I went to the Textile Museum. The exhibition was not that interesting, but then I went to the library!!! I could have spent a week there, and I will be going back soon to do just that. Kevin's Immunology Conference wrapped up by Saturday afternoon. Our hotel was right near Freedom Plaza, so we went to a French restaurant called Les Halles nearby, and it was fantastic!!! I got mussels with a saffron cream sauce which was very good, but Kevin's was to die for... leg of duck with pommes frites, and the potatoes were peppered with truffle bits, it was amazing, and my generous husband split his meal with me in exchange for some mussels because I was drooling over his plate. We then went to the National Gallery. We had been there a few months ago, but Saturday, I had a mission... I was researching Assumption of Mary paintings (they have at least 5 in the ballpark of the period I am looking for) for my next painting.
I photographed a number of details from the paintings, looked for postcard reproductions (no luck) and decided that I would NOT buy the $60 "Mary in the History of Western Art" book for one reproduction that I may or may not use. I have not yet gone to the Vatican website, and my friend Nora, who is an Art Historian, told me that Art Resource is the ticket, so I will be all over that upon my return from SC.

Saturday night we went to Adams Morgan, and had dinner at a great New Orleans Restaurant, and then went to Madam's Organ to see some blues. The music was fantastic, and it was strange to see so many 20 somethings listening to blues... we are so used to seeing old farts like ourselves. I have never seen so many dusty taxidermied critters in one place (not referring to us here, but to REAL stuffed animals). Sunday morning we met up with my friends Hoa and Tendai... I have not seen them in 5 or 6 years... we met them at the Eastern Market area where we had brunch (how I miss sophisticated, laid-back Sunday brunch!!), then walked through the market, where I scored 3 great vintage pieces (2 velvet dresses and a skirt) for $3 each! The woman who was selling them had not yet priced them and was deeply engrossed in conversation, so her husband got disgusted and put up a "$3 each" sign on the lot of them, and I just grabbed and bought before he was found out.

We went to the Air & Space Museum, where I made Kevin see the Fighter Jet IMAX movie. It was a bit of a disappointment, too much practice in blowing things up and not enough fast flying. During the few passages where we were going 300 mph through the clouds and away from the earth at a 90° angle, my eyes welled up, I love flying SO much! Sunday evening, we had dinner at my friend Nora's house, where I got to see a painting I gave to her that I haven't seen in 10 years. It was a great trip, now I must sleep, I am ready to pass out. xo K


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