Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hair Embroidery update...

end of day Friday.
after 4 hours Sat

and another 4 hours Sunday
Last week was such a short work week, w/traveling and getting settled, so I put in some hours this weekend. Was able to listen to lots of new music while working on filling in the sky... When I do high concentration parts, like the funnel, I can't listen to new music, have to listen to old music, or I can't concentrate. Despite mostly work this weekend, we still managed to go see Monster House and go to dinner. Feeling a bit under the weather today... I must pack up paintings to ship before I do hair embroidery or research/sketch out the next painting. : (
I do the Catholic hard-work-then-reward thing.


Blogger amstar said...

YOUR work is exquisite. I could easily get lost in your detail. your words and thoughts are equal too. thank you for the visit and for the link back to you.

8:53 PM  

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