Monday, August 07, 2006

Just Another Burlington Evening...

It is about 7pm in a suburban North Carolina town. The sun is setting. There is a faint sound of baby birds chirping from the nest in the chimney. It is Kate's night to make dinner, so she is in the kitchen chopping. Her husband, Kevin, is lying on the couch in the den, surfing the web trying to help find an essential item for Kate's next artwork. Radley, the boxer, is asleep on the rug next to the couch.

Kevin: What's for dinner?

Kate: It's a surprise....

Kevin: Ok. How big does it have to be?

Kate: You know, large... fat.

Kevin: Does it have to have orifices?

Kate: I'd prefer that she didn't. It's probably cheaper to get one without, anyway. Do you want wine?

Kate: ...besides, late at night, some lonely museum preparator might be tempted, if she had openings.

Kevin: Does she need to have feet?

Kate: No.

Kevin: Good, cause most of them don't... so they don't run away, I guess. Fatty Patty Love Doll, Big Bertha Love Doll, Fat Ass Doll...

Kate: The cheapest one. They are probably pretty expensive, aren't they?.....

Kevin: Did you know that you can buy inflatable sheep? and cows? 'Talking Sheep, on sale for $25.99. Blow up sheep with action-activated sound. Press the noise box and you get the sound of a lamb in love! White. One hole.'

Kate: Gross. Do you want water, too?

Kevin: Yeah... Here's one for thirty dollars. No orifices. She has a photo silkscreen of some real person's face on her... and a bikini! No nipples.

Kate: Let me see..... (comes into the den to look) That's perfect, sweetie... can you email me the link? Oh, and... dinner!

Kevin: Yippee! Here I come..... Another research dilemma solved! (he jumps up from the couch, puts down his laptop, and enters the kitchen)

I really do need an extra large blowup doll, not to exhibit (SO residual feminist 1980's art...), but to have as a lightweight, reusable collapsible dress form for my next Psychological Clothing piece. They make inflatable dress forms, but not large ones. I have a fun job.


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