Friday, September 08, 2006

Back in the saddle again....

I apologize for the few and impersonal postings of the last few days. Stopping work in my studio to put together lots of documents for the IRS made me very cranky, and I thought I would spare you from that. Being the straight-A Catholic School Girl that I am, the documents I provided to the IRS were divided up according to category, with cover sheets and table of contents for each one. Yesterday I spent the whole day in my studio cleaning up the wreckage and trying to bring my space back from a frantic moving-box unpacking area to a working studio. Today I am hair embroidering, I think I will be able to wrap it up this weekend, despite the fact that I leave at the crack of dawn on Sunday to go to Myrtle beach for the day to see my amazing niece. Sunday night, I will drive halfway to Atlanta so that I might pick up a painting in Atlanta in the morning, and drive 5 1/2 hours home to attend an opening at Elon University here. I should rename this blog "Kate's Studio... the day to day process of being an art driver".

It is interesting to me that it was not until I started making art full time that I realized how intrusive day to day life is. Before, I blamed it all on my teaching responsibilities. Then again, I did get married also...saves you time in some areas, sucks up time in others... coming soon... "married artist vs. single artist".


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