Sunday, September 17, 2006

Gathering for the Painting...

Spent this morning doing research for the new painting, collecting information about celebrity worship. Psychologists are studying the phenomenon quite seriously. One of the more amusing links I found was a design project for the home and accoutrements of a celebrity worshiper.

One of my ex-students has turned me on to a Southpark episode about Wal-M*rt, I will try to rent that this evening.

Another beautiful Sunday morning, off to the bastion of civilization in Burlington.... my beacon, Starbucks. Before they built this Starbucks, the closest one was 133 miles away... they posted the postcard that prompted them to build here. (I should write such a letter to JoAnne Fabrics). Maybe I will take Radley and see how he behaves, sitting outside while I read my research. I remember the month we spent in Manhattan, and how he enjoyed sitting outside at all the restaurants, such a good boy, watching all the people going by and wagging his tail, hoping someone would notice his sign that he wants to meet them. Sitting under an umbrella watching the traffic on Huffman Mill Road is not the same as watching Downtown New York wake up and walk down the streets, but the air smells nicer here....

This evening is our annual block party, so we will finally get to meet our neighbors, and they will get to meet us, the motorcycle riding couple with the longest grass on the block and mirrors hanging from our trees.... the wife wears torn, paint splattered cotton dresses and sneakers every day when she comes out to get the mail, and takes that dog with her everywhere.


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