Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hot Mid-Career Artists!!

God Bless Lisa Hunter, author of "The Intrepid Art Collector" book and blog (another one that I read consistantly). She was interviewed on someone else's new art blog, where she was asked,

Do you have favorite artists as a BEST BUY value?
"Mid-career artists, i.e. artists over 35, are sorely underappreciated. The current art market worships youth, leaving a lot of wonderful, late-blooming artists on the sidelines. There's so much overlooked talent out there! It's terrible for the artists, but good for the collector. . .I also like craft artists -- glassblowers, ceramics artists, fiber artists, etc. I think crafts are in a similar position to photography in the 1970s. Museums and serious collectors are buying up the established masters, while the general public lags behind, wondering, "Is this stuff really Art?" I think that in a decade or two we'll see crafts having a much more significant role in the fine arts market."

This is the second time that I have heard an expert talk about "the underappreciated mid-career artist" in the past 2 months. A welcome trend?.............


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