Thursday, September 28, 2006

I confess….

I got up at 7, and embroidered until 1 p.m., fussing over a few nuances that were glaring at me this morning. But I am now on the back deck, it is a gorgeous day, and the reward for finishing my 3 month project is working outside, hoping it will feel less like work. I have been procrastinating, avoiding a paper that I need to write for the Southeastern College Art Conference, "All Stripped Down: Psychological Clothing". Hopefully the breeze and sound of the wind chimes will make the process more palatable. Usually, when I give a paper, I am presenting my work, and I might write out the first paragraph, but I just wing it when I start showing the images. This time, I am the only artist in a session with art historians, so I have been asked to send a completed copy of the paper two weeks before the conference. So I am essentially typing out a talk that I could give in my sleep, trying extra hard to make it entertaining, as it will be read, rather than informally presented.

I have another confession: I am watching a TV “show”. By this I mean that I watched the premiere two weeks ago, then I tuned in again last week, and I plan to watch it this week. Soon I will be telling other human beings that I am not available on Monday nights because that is when "my show” is on.

I was researching the new painting and came across a website, watched a preview, and I was hooked. It was serendipitous to be doing a piece about the media, only to tumble upon a TV show that makes fun of TV. So now I tune in to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. You can go to the website and watch the first two episodes if you want to catch up… even if you don’t want to commit, if you can watch the first episode, the monologue on the insanity of television today is brilliant. Being the academic that I am, once I fell in love with this show, I needed to go to the primary source, so last night, I watched Network, which was, as everyone says, brilliant.

It's not surprising that I have not seen Network before, because I hate TV. I have a bumper sticker that says “kill your TV”, and a book on my bookshelf entitled “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television”. I know that there are some really good shows out there, it's just that so many are insultingly stupid. Even if you watch "good shows", add up all the TV hours at the end of your life, and I'll bet that there will be something that you wish you spent your time doing instead... something in the real world, maybe even with real people.

I want 4 or 5 lives to fit in all the things I want to do, and when I see people watching TV, I want to say "Don't know what to do with your time?.. Give the hours to me to spend, I know what to do with them!" Greedy.

Step down from the soapbox, girl, and write your paper.


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