Friday, September 29, 2006

The Takedown....
Content yet nostalgic, like cleaning up after a successful party, today I took the hair embroidery off the stretcher. All the reference photos were put away, and the work area cleaned up in preparation for the next project. I have so much time into this piece, I am afraid to touch it or do anything to it for fear of ruining it. I VERY CAREFULLY trimmed away the excess stabilizer on the back, (it is very easy here to accidentally "snip" the fabric), and I have temporarily stretched the piece to photograph it, but it will be restretched to fit the Victorian oval frame with convex glass that I special ordered.

A few months ago, I started bidding on oval frames with convex glass on Ebay, and I have accumulated 4 small ones and 6 larger ones, all ornate, but metal, but I think I have decided that they don't work... I need a heavier, darker wood frame. This is why artists have no money. (I think that I have a project in mind for using the other frames, but I will need some blond hair.)

As I write, I am printing out hundreds of labels for the impending hair embroidery mailing. I thought I was so smart, but next time I will be using one of those places where they duplicate the discs and print directly on them... my friend tells me that the sticky labels are only good for a few years, then they might affect the disc quality.

Today I give thanks, for when I was an undergrad at SUNY B, I put myself through school by working 35 hours a weeks as a framer at Deck the Walls. I missed virtually every art opening and event because I had to work, and it really pissed me off back then. Today, when I had to stretch my own needlework for the first time, I was grateful for all the flower basket and kitten needlepoints I had to practice on.


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