Friday, September 15, 2006

Today is a gorgeous, cool day with open windows, cut grass, and birds.

My friend Elmer sent me this great link to the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: Experience, Experiment, Design at the V & A. There is a slide show and a discussion with the curator. Wish I could get to London more... Maybe a Fulbright to study at the V&A for a month or so.....

You can help curate an exhibition! Go here and choose your favorite artists from the Saatchi "Your Gallery" shortlisted artists... the ones with the most votes will be featured in the exhibition. If you have not set up your free Your Gallery page, you should do it... nothing to lose. Maybe you will be chosen for a show in London. Maybe you will just be a cog in a brilliant marketing scheme....

Yesterday afternoon worked on perspective for the Wal-Mart interior.... NOT my favorite part of doing these paintings, but a necessary evil. Wish I could not care about it. While I was working, I was listening to archived art interviews (mostly the ones from the Rush Interactive series because I know Michael Rush from South Florida) on WPS1 radio. An all art radio station.... a good thing to bookmark.


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