Monday, October 23, 2006

Back home, at least for 48 hours.... It poured from Geneseo to NJ on Friday, but by the time I arrived in South Orange, the rain had receded and gusts of wind were all that remained. It was a beautiful afternoon and it was difficult not to be mesmerized by the scintillating, swirling leaves falling from the trees and dancing on the pavement. It seemed like a magical afternoon to me because of what was about to transpire. I had a too-short visit with Sarah, and we swapped the artwork. (It was the first thing that I brought in from the car upon my arrival back home, I am so happy and anxious to hang it). I drove to Allentown Friday afternoon to spend some time with my adorable niece and nephew, then left early Sunday morning and drove all day in the rain to get back to NC.

Today is laundry, unpacking and repacking, and tweaking my lecture.... scanning, rearranging images, might have to run to Greensboro to get a few slides digitized to add to the presentation. Tomorrow, I am hoping to work on my Virgin Mary, so that painting can resume when I get back from my trip one week from today. My victorian frames came in for the new hair embroidery, so I get to stretch and frame upon my return as well.


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