Saturday, October 28, 2006

More from the Southeastern College Art Conference...

My talk went really well yesterday, had a rush of about 10 people after the talk to get my card and a few of them talked about exhibitions or visiting artist gigs, so it was worth the trip to come here. I am so amused at seeing people's desktops and all their private files every time someone makes a Powerpoint presentation that when it came my turn to turn on my computer and start my presentation, I made a fake set of files for my desktop, and cleared the real ones away:

Went to a session on Art & Religion that was almost unbearable.... three artists presented their work, and all were doing naive, didactic, one dimensional work without a touch of irony. The moderator was Eleanor Heartney, and the artists interrupted her and barely let her speak during the discussion... I honestly think that they did not know who she was!! This was, I learned later, a political situation. Other departments from the university were involved in the conference because that meant more $$ for the conference (better food!, etc.). But I think that, in an unusual turn of events, the woman who chose the artists was from the Divinity school, neither an artist nor an art historian.

I am feeling like an old fuddy duddy becasue I used to go out drinking every night of this conference (The position I hold in SECAC history is being the first one to jump into the pool with all my clothes on a few years ago at the Miami conference), and I have gone out to dinner with people this time, but not out drinking because I am coming down with a bad cold and cannot let it interfere with my studio time when I get back, so I must get better.

This morning stayed in and worked on my presentation for tonight, where we will set up our laptops and show our work to more people. I went to PF Chang's for lunch while working on my Powerpoint, and got this fortune:


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