Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My friend Sarah sent me this link to an article in Wired magazine about David Galenson, who is researching artistic creativity and has proposed a theory that there are essentially two types of creative people, those who peak early, and those who peak late.... hope for some of those mid-career artists still swimming the channel out there.

I bought his first book last year, Painting Outside the Lines: Patterns of Creativity in Modern Art, but did not get too far into it because he was basing "creative genius peaks" on auction prices, and I found that to be ridiculous and a tad disgusting. We all know that lots of things influence auction prices. I should have known better, the guy IS an economist.

Money and art, inexorably intertwined... how did it happen? I assure you that artists do not think about money at all when making work in their studio... at least not the artists I hang out with. Yes, I know about the website We Make Money, Not Art . (I do love the Art o Meter on this site). In one of the films I used to show my students, they were interviewing successful painters, and I can't remember who said it, but one of them said, "Ten years ago, your artist friend would call you up and say "Come to my studio and look! I just made the most amazing new work!', and these days they call you up and say, "Guess what?!! My work just sold for $20,000!' ."

Anyway, I might give his second book a shot, as it seems it may have a slightly different bent... I put it on my amazon wish list, but the time may be better spent in the studio, painting.

I am in Nashville, full of Indian food and wine from the first night reception. I still have to go through the program, and circle the sessions that I want to attend, because I have not had moment to do it before now. True to form, instead of working on my drawing yesterday, I honed and polished my lecture for the Art & Fashion panel. Now I have a kick-ass lecture, but I am behind schedule on the painting.

Found out today I got into the Contemporary Craft Exhibition at ArtSpace in RaleighÂ… not a hair embroidery, as I expected, but Crying Man III.


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