Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Hero......
Got really keyed up reading this morning's NYT article about David Lynch. He has a new film coming out, which is enough to get atwitter about, but the real news for me is that he is writing a book on the creative process, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. If I had to study the creative process under anyone, he would be the guy.

I was discussing his work with a friend, one who writes him off as simply "weird" (translation: he takes me to places I would rather not go), but I am intensely interested in the oblique way that he taps in to the subconscious. It is as if he is reaching in a with long probe and stimulating parts of your brain that rarely get touched, except perhaps when you are asleep. Tickle tickle, poke poke.

I find him to be a kindred spirit, and it was the highest complement when people used to compare my paintings from, say 10-15 years ago to his work. The beauty of metaphorical darkness is something that I remember being conscious of from a very early age. I rewatched both Imitation of Life and Elmer Gantry a few weeks ago, I had not seen them in many years, but I was reminded of how they affected me when I first viewed them as a child. I am forever indebted to my father for exposing us to these types of films at an early age. The beauty of the imagery, coupled with the darkness of what is going on beneath the surface, is something I will carry around in my brain for the rest of my life.

In the physical world this weekend, spent most of it preparing for The Mailing: working on the mailing list, printing out CD labels, revising my CV, and making a Powerpoint presentation of the hair embroideries. To my dismay, I will need to rephotograph a few of the older pieces tomorrow before I burn the CD, as the old digital images scanned from slides are looking pitiful next to the new images. The highlight of the weekend was a date on Friday night, where I was whisked off to Raleigh to Second Empire restaurant. The entire experience was sublime, and the ginger rosemary ice cream has set us up for new round of experiments...


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