Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Thanks for your input, everyone. So this is the one that I uploaded to Modern Postcard: I decided the eyes needed to be more centered, and cropped out the nose before sending it. I uploaded everything last night, and 500 business cards will be on my doorstep a week from now. I love (some) technology!!

Today was spent sketching in more of the perspective in the painting: walls, ceilings, rows of flourescent lights, cash registers, magazine racks, etc. While I did that, I printed out hundreds of return address labels for The Mailing. This evening will work on the painting 'till I cannot stand it anymore, then will proof/reread my SECAC paper, and work on the mailing list.

After several weeks of sleeping well, the insomnia is starting to kick in again, as several deadlines hover. My goal is to start applying paint to the canvas before I hit the road on the 14th to deliver the Geneseo show. Getting the Psychological Clothing ready for the show before I leave will eat up at least a day. 24 hours for going to Richmond to see my ex-student/friend Craig Wedderspoon's show this weekend. It would be nice, now that the mailing is ready, to send out the first batch of CDs. I will probably be doing that in the evenings, when my eyes get tired.


Blogger Jennifer said...

AWESOME! Good choice Kate ;) I had a dream about you last night...good times.

8:47 AM  

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