Thursday, October 19, 2006

There is a great dialogue going on over at the Ed Winkleman Blog on "the evil of commercial galleries" and "purist artists". I was once interviewed as being one who represented the concept of the "purist artist" (not actively seeking gallery representation, making what you want to make w/out regard for sales, etc.). Doing it on your own is hard work, as you have seen if you have been tuning in for the past week: it is especially hard if you have been doing it for over a decade. I am actually too exhausted to make a coherent comment in the Ed Winkleman discussion, but I will be thinking about it as I drive tomorrow....

Tonight was the lecture & opening, we had an amazing turnout despite the rain: when we ran out of seats, people were nice enough to stay and sit on the floor among the suspended dresses to see the Powerpoint presentation, even sticking around to ask questions afterwards. I finally got to see the work together with Dawn's large scale drawings. Here was a nice juxtaposition of bridal imagery:

I am back at the B&B in Geneseo tonight after two nights at my parents' in Binghamton. Tomorrow I am on the road by 8 to get to NJ for the Great Art Exchange, followed by a drive to Allentown for my nephew's birthday, and a ride back to NC on Sunday. I have two days at home before I fly to Nashville for the SECAC conference to give my paper. I think that I have solved my Virgin Mary problem, and I am hoping to sketch that out on my cartoon before leaving for SECAC. After the Nashville conference, thank goodness, I will be home for a while, just working.


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