Saturday, October 14, 2006

God, I miss the Red, White, and Blue!

The Red, White, and Blue is a super thrift store in North Miami, one of those thrift stores where all the clothing is neat and clean and color coded, so if you run in with only 5 minutes to shop, and you need a blue sweater to match the dress you want to wear tomorrow, you go right over to the blue sweater section and find one in the perfect hue to match... and if you, say, ...needed a wedding dress for your art piece, you would be sure to find at least 8 or 9 to choose from at the R, W, & B.

Yesterday, beginning early in the a.m., I called 13 thrift stores in Burlington and Greensboro, and drove to the 5 that did not answer their phones, finally ending up an hour away at Trina's Treasures before I even set eyes on ONE wedding dress at 2:30 pm. Luckily, it was not a size 22, but one that would fit my mannequin. She actually had 2 in the store, and it was a tough decision: one was long and full, traditional, but it had no train, and the other was one of those short mini-dresses, but with a spectacular train. The one with the train won, because it makes for more dramatic weaving. It is actually great that it is a cheesy over-the-top dress, because the already existing class differences between the bride and groom will be more exaggerated that way. I am excited about seeing this piece again: no one has had the floor space to show it in a while. We might even have room to set up the extended generations version, which I have diagramed, but have never exhibited.

Today was a long day of driving, day 1 of delivering work to Geneseo. Did not get on the road until late morning because some of the lights on the trailer were not working. At this moment, I am in a Best Western in the middle of nowhere in PA. Cracker Barrel was the only option for dinner: I was in trouble, because I do not like gravy. (Sigh. I miss the Wine Merchant's Bistro near the Red, White, and Blue, too.) I wanted to stop before Gettysburg, but there are no hotel rooms within 30 miles of Gettysburg because of some apple festival. Beautiful scenery, leaves not quite in full regalia yet. Cow smells. Love cow smells, love the scent of hay... it's from growing up in upstate NY.


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