Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tuesday spent 9-12 fussing on details, then documenting, at the gallery.
Above is a shot of the Bridal/Enmeshment Garments, trailing two generations of woven parents' garments for the first time.
I left Geneseo, and drove in the rain and considerable wind to Binghamton to visit my parents, which is always a difficult endeavor. Lucky for me, there is a cyber coffeehouse across the street, providing a wonderful respite. I sit there presently, in a dark, womb-like space, listening to some streaming all-acoustic coffeehouse music, a pint of Boddington's at my side. After going to Jackson's Pumpkin Farm this morning, I did go antiquing with my Mom, and scored some great frames. I take my parents out to dinner tonight, then head back up to Geneseo in the morning.... I will be giving a Powerpoint lecture at 4:15, followed by the reception. Friday I will drive to South Orange, NJ, where I will be trading my first artwork ever! I am excited and nervous. Here is the piece I am trading for, entitled "Epiphany"
It is a large graphite drawing done by Sarah Petruziello, and her website is here. Trading work is a major personal breakthrough for me: I cannot quite figure out why I do not want to part with my work, but I have such a strong desire for this piece that I am willing to do it. Many of my friends traded in grad school, and they now have fantastic collections to show for it. I always put so much time into my work that I have never been willing to trade anyone for anything. Often, when I sell a piece, I will buy someone else's work with part of the $$. But I printed out a copy of this picture from her website, and have been looking at it for months, and got to the point where I needed to possess it, and approached her with the proposal. I will be trading this painting for her drawing, which is actually a painting of Sarah that I did when we were in grad school together at University of Georgia. Acquiring Sarah's piece is the highlight of my trip: I cannot wait to hang it in my house.


Blogger Jennifer said...

OH WOW! That's great! Good for u ;) I've been to West Orange, NJ. Never heard of anyone going near any of the oranges up there!

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool installment. I had not seen this version of it. Clothes on the floor symbolizing individuality?

11:50 AM  

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