Sunday, November 05, 2006

5 p.m. Sunday..... (click on image to enlarge)
Tedious painting day...I did some of the stuff that I dreaded doing...neutral colors, magazine rack, ceiling between the fluorescents. As the painting is not yet on stretchers, but stapled to the wall, I had to lie on the floor to work on the lowest parts. I am cranky. Only visual reward is that I am starting to feel some of the oppressive dreariness in the environment. Listened to some good music and figured out what I am going to work on after this. Came up with a kick-ass exhibition proposal idea that will pull together almost all of my seemingly unrelated recent work. May work a bit tonight, but it is my night to make dinner, and I haven't cracked my Sunday Times yet, so I may give my neck a break and start early tomorrow with the Angelina/Virgin transfer.


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