Monday, November 20, 2006

9 pm. Monday evening. Finally blocked in the Wal M*rt floor today. Only the most difficult (correction... most boring) parts of the underworld (inside the coke cooler, magazine rack, various shelves of merchandise, logos) need to be blocked in now, then it will be all glazing after that point. I find the painting difficult to look at at this point: there is so much visual noise in the bottom third of the painting. It is only after all the details have been finished down there that I will be able to glaze over the whole thing and quiet it down, give it an atmosphere.

No part of this painting is "finished" yet: some areas are only 2 glazes away from being done, some are 10 glazes away.

did a glaze of purple on all the flesh tones today for shadows. Will be 3 days before I can work on this again, but I will take images with me to look at during my time away from the painting.


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