Sunday, November 12, 2006

Exciting opportunity = Insomnia

So our nation has been restored to a place where the "checks & balances" system will finally have some checks and balance. I feel safer, I do.... but that doesn't mean that I am sleeping better. Fear I am getting close to another insomnia period... feeling very stressed about the painting. There are visitors, holidays, and a few art trips between now and the time when this painting has to be finished. The deadline is one thing, but showing the work at the Miami Art Fair is a big opportunity, so the painting doesn't just have to be finished, it has to be AMAZING.

I did not paint at all yesterday, we are doing some much needed work on the house before our guests arrive next weekend (and we are having a full house for xmas). This morning, I put in the figures at the bottom of the painting, and Kevin is going to help me stretch it (loosely, for it will have to be disassembled again to get it out of my studio) tonight... I have not been able to put down any glazes because I need the painting to be dry to stretch it. It will be much easier to work on once it is on stretchers. I have no distractions this coming week, just a little cooking at the end for company, so it has to be a kind of gangbuster painting week.

Did find time to make Ginger Ice Cream with a touch of rosemary today, and it was a smashing success. Kevin has been cooking (and doing other chores) extra since I have been cranking on the painting, so I made him one of his favorites, Lobster Grapefruit and Avocado Salad last night... lobster tails were on sale at the Harris Teeter, the recipe is easy and really good!!!


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