Thursday, November 16, 2006

Worked my ass off today, but don't feel as though I made great strides. I put in 12 hours... painted some of the figures in the lower half of the canvas (had to gesso out and repaint the hand of the woman above on the left, and will have to repaint her shirt to get her shoulder to go up.
It is a challenge to not make the Wal M*rt people into caricatures, to have the viewer feel empathy.
Worked on her gown some,
Then spent quite a while on flesh tones for Angelina and baby. They now have 2 glazes on the skin: there will be 3 to 5 more layers before the skin is done. It is a real challenge trying to paint babies to begin with, much less trying to get a likeness of a famous baby who has not been seen for several months except for one VERY fuzzy photo from a distance.

Was tossing and turning half the night last night. Did I mention we have company coming this weekend? The day after they leave, I leave town for 3 days, then the day after I return from that trip, I drive up to NY, pick up the trailer, pick up my work in Geneseo and drive it home. I will be home for a few days before I load up the trailer again and drive Sacred Ovaries, Fertilization Purse and Fertilization Dress to Miami to go up at Chelsea Gallery during Art Basel. Will be in Miami for a week for Basel, then drive home. I have 9-10 days to concentrate on the painting while baking some cookies, wrapping presents, and preparing for 10 people to come stay at my house Xmas weekend. Immediately after they leave, I load up the trailer with the painting you see above (only it will be finished) and drive it to Miami to put it in the Chelsea booth for the Miami Art Fair. I come home, have a few days to be ready to teach a mini-semester Low Tech Fibers course. I have never taught a fibers course before, indeed, I have never TAKEN a fibers course before. I have a rough idea of what I will teach in this course, but will be doing the syllabus and ordering all the supplies in the evenings on my trips in hotel rooms. Kevin and I are thinking about a nice vacation at the end of January... our one year anniversary!


Blogger Fred said...

I haven't had a chance to post a comment before but wanted you to know that I've been mesmerized by the progression of this piece. I wrote Jackie some comments about how it clarified to me part of why people buy tabloids.

This is what I wrote to her:
"Wow, I had a few minutes this morning and her current project blew me
away. She is so right, I may have understood something about people in
general by just looking at her present unfinished piece. This is the
new religion: virgin mother save us all from the dreariness of

Anyway, we're all following it. My daughter Carolina was depressed for 2 days after she saw the "descent into Alzheimer's" slide show.

Just wanted to encourage you to keep posting, It is an education to us all.

send my best to Kevin.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Thanks for visiting, Freddie, good to know that someone is "hearing my tree fall in the forest of NC".... best to everyone. Be sure to come and see the painting in the flesh at the Miami Art Fair!

8:09 PM  

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