Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Worked out (trying to detox from the roadtrips), unpacked the car, got a flu shot that my sweetie set up for me (something I would never think of, but he was a boy scout and thought about how devastating it would be if I got sick in the next month). Need to check out Fertilization Purse and Fertilization Dress from the previous show to make sure they are ready to go to Miami for the show at Chelsea Galleria during Art Basel next week.

.....10:30 p.m. Weds.

Today, worked on the children some more, and finally have all the clouds at the same level of (non) completion. I am going to work on the bottom third of the painting some more this evening, but it will be boring stuff, so here's the pic for today. I am no longer feeling like a truck run over me, but I am cranky, as we have a seemingly endless problem with the combination of my Honda CRV and the art trailer.

(Skip this paragraph if you have no interest in electrical systems, like Yours Truly.) We have been to the trailer guys and Honda both 3 times, and the same thing keeps happening... everything works fine when I hook up the trailer and pull out, then somewhere along the line, the trailer brake lights and running lights stop working (the turn signals/flashers are fine), and this blows out the running lights on my car as well. I am ready to go to Target and buy the magnetic trailer lights and stick them on the trailer to solve the problem temporarily for the impending Miami trip, but my partner is My Compliment in this regard. He spent two hours tonight testing all the connections, but his conclusions are puzzling. That means interrupting the next two days of painting with car drop offs, explanations to both the Honda guys and the trailer guys, having to answer the phone when it rings, co-ordination of vehicles, etc. "All I ask," Kate said, "is that you quit interrupting my painting to HELP me".


Back to the painting, I am at the stage where there are things that I am hungering to see.... the shadow areas of the clouds need to get more blue, for example, and it is hard to make decisions about some of the other color issues up top until that is resolved... it will happen by end of week (because I worked on the clouds today with yellow, and that will have to dry before I put the next glaze down). I can't do Zahara's hair until the blue is down behind it. That is why I make lists and number them every day.... well, that is part of the reason, I'm sure the other part of the reason is a bad OC gene somewhere.


Blogger Jennifer said...

LOL...oh man, lists? That's great Kate...heh What glaze do u use? I know u work in both acrylics and oils, but where does your acrylic end and oil begin? Or is this painting all oil? (too many questions?) ;)

8:27 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

a basic 50/50 mix of linseed oil and turps w/a little damar varnish.

in this painting, the top is all oil, and the bottom has an underpainting of acrylic with oil glazed on top.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

U know I have that damar varnish, but on the bottle it says do not mix with i've been kinda hesitant. I've been using liquin. Ur painting is even more amazing to me now that i can actually see the process. I just sit back and get blown away with each new image u upload. So glad u r OC ;)

11:48 AM  

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