Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friday was grueling... woke up this morning stiff as a board from all the walking with my promotional/goodie collecting/camera bag slung over my shoulder.

Started with the Marguiles collection..... here is so much to see here, but for some reason, I was concentrating on the collection of videos, mostly animated: Brian Alfred, Carlos Amorales, a GORGEOUS video by Christina Pettersson called, "373 sounds for Anne Sexton, or God is in Your Typewriter". (links later, sorry, no time this morning). While looking at art this trip, I am trying to be open to seeds that might plant themselves. When my current painting is finished, I will be doing a big mailing, teaching a mini semester at Elon, and doing some reading, thinking about what is coming next. Also at Marguiles, incredible Brian Ulrich photos, and the video by Kota Ezawa, called "The Simpson Verdict", that made me cry the first time I saw it, and still gives me the creeps when I watch it for the 6th time.

At the Rubell's, there is a show that points back to their $$ and collecting, interesting machine they have set up there, with the in house bookstore featuring all the artists in their collection. There was a really interesting piece about one of Paul McCarthy's pieces that got damaged, complete with blown up faxes and emails between curators and artists.

I am loving all the work I am seeing about art fairs and the art world. At Pulse, there was a drawing called "The Cast of Art Fair Characters" that was hilarious.

How to make a piece about the powerlessness of artists in all of this?

Finished off the night going through Art Basel with Carol Prusa. The quality of the work is much better than it has been in terms of well made objects, but the selection was very staid and safe, lots of blue chip stuff. One of the local papers said that Art Basel is like going to the Met this year, with the peripheral fairs being more like going to The New Museum. One of the things that made us gasp was a lightbox built into the wall with Mia Farrow's nightgown from Rosemary's Baby suspended deep in the center.... I was SO jealous of that piece and wanted to buy it and spend a week in front of it. So Catholic. I was very good about collecting cards of anyone who was showing embroidery, as well as anyone who had lots of obsessive work. I handed out a few cards to dealers who might be interested, and had no one in their booths at the time, but mostly I was taking notes of who to add to my mailing list, and why.

Have to cut it short today, and get down to the beach to do the fairs in the hotels. Will fill in the blanks with pictures when I get home Monday, I promise. Head full of art on the 13 hours drive home tomorrow.



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