Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I am in a bullet sort of a mood today.

• Dropped off art to the gallery, helped set up, and got invited to my dealer’s house for dinner tonight.
• Dropped off the trailer where I am staying (like taking off a 50 lb. backpack)
• Went to visit my friend Pip
• Went to DSW (see below)
• Stopped at Starbuck’s for the wireless internet and caffeine to perk me up for the party
• Stopped to buy a bottle of wine and treats for the host’s dogs
• Went back to Barbara’s to freshen up
• Went to dinner

At the party, I
• Ate Jamaican food
• Met lots of cool people
• Got invited to a party at Bal Harbour on Saturday night
• Met a curator who has known my clothing work for a while, and asked me to please come to the opening on Weds night wearing one of my dresses. (Kevin will be Fed Exing the outfit tomorrow)

Secondary agendas while in South Florida

• Go rollerblading on Hollywood Beach where I used to skate all the time
• See as many indie movies as possible
• Have one of those genoise cakes with the coffee buttercream frosting from the French Bakery on Sunrise Blvd. (they are EXACTLY like the ones in France, right down to the little crunchy things on the sides)
• Have fried squid or squid and rice at the Peruvian place on Biscayne (in the 30’s somewhere, on the east side of the street)
• Go to DSW (I have been to 3 DSWs in NC, and the only shoes they carry are black and brown ones)

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