Saturday, December 02, 2006

Off to Art Basel

Still running around, getting everything ready, but I am in pretty good shape. Snuck in a few glazes this morning. Here are the official in-progress Angelina Jolie/ Wal Mart painting shots:

I am pretty wired today. There is not that much to get worked up over, all I am really doing on this trip is delivering some work, running around looking at more art than one person could ever absorb, and collecting cards/info from any galleries I might want to approach later. Most of the trip will be fun, meeting with old friends for meals, and going to art events together. I am feeling a bit strange about showing work at my gallery during Basel that some people have seen before (Fertilization Dress, Fertilization Purse, and Sacred Ovaries).... I guess that I am a bit disappointed that I could not get the painting done in time to show it during this art fair. It will be IN the Art Miami Fair, which is a lot more traffic than will ever pass through the gallery, even during Basel. It could not have happened any faster: "Fast art is not good, good art is not fast", at least when we are talking about my work.

There is something very unnerving about the art fair thing, so vulgar and far removed from what I believe art is about. Almost the antithesis of art. Perhaps that is the source of some of my underlying anxiety. But, (I think) I want to play the game, so I have to go to the ballpark. Even though the ballpark has bad lighting. People are purchasing art for six figures, and they are not even seeing the true color of what they are buying. I guess hype is visible under any lighting conditions.

Will leave at crack of dawn tomorrow, time to load the car.


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