Thursday, December 28, 2006

So, this morning, after I glazed the ceilings down and got the florescent lights to glow, I was happy with the bottom of the painting (shown in my previous post at that stage). I put some more highlights on the baby's hair, glazed Angelina's hairline so the hair I painted last night would look more convincing, and did a kind of subtle, back-lit "halo" effect on her hair as well as the hair of the baby, wanting it to be a little kitschier.
(excuse surface texture glare, it is late...)

I looked at it for a good long time, decided to call it "finished", and moved the painting to a place where I could photograph it. Having a little more distance from the work, I realized that I was dissatisfied: I wanted the whites to pop more, there was too much white overall on the top, it was all running together, etc. I decided to take the buffer day that I built into my schedule, and work on it one more day.

After the blue had been glazed over the top quarter of the dress, I was happy, as it provided a contrast against the baby blanket and her skin, but a few minutes later, I realized that I was going to lose the "cloud" of fabric at the bottom of the figure, which I thought was really elegant and subtle in its difference from the "real" cloud background. There have been two nerve wracking moments in this painting: when I put down the first green glaze, and it flattened out the whole bottom, and when I put down the blue dress glaze, below. I will spend all the time I have remaining responding to the blue glaze decision.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is just absurd! This nation has got to get it together man. This woman is no saint and by far should not be put on a religious pedestal. I am a mother and I am attractive and have a great body and I do shop at walmart. I doubt she does.

People...stop idolizing the rich and famous and do it to your own elves. C'mon. We need to celebrate the new year with alot more common sense and dignity for our sacred souls. Good day to you all.

Gordy | 01.06.07 - 11:54 am | #


Dear Gordy,

You obviously missed the point of this painting!

The idolizing of celebrities and how this is a bit out of proportion is exactly what this painting tries to address. How can the meaning of this painting be so lost on you?

The ladies in the Wallmart standing in front of the gossip magazines possibly are the admirers spending their time in a less idyllic setting. Their reality: the Wallmart, the McDonald's, the neon-lights. Their dreaming about celebrities is just a form of escapism, the American way - as the flag indicates. If they could only be as beautiful, as good, as blessed as Angelina ... Well, they can always dream about it.

Whether Angelina herself in reality perceives her life this way is besides the point. It is about how she is portrayed and perceived.

This painting is a criticism of an aspect of the American way of life. The superficiality of some of it, the depressing hollowness. It has nothing to do with Angelina. It has nothing to do with how you look either.

Look at it again and look up the word "satire" in the dictionary: ... "trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly". Place the painting in this light and you'll get a better understanding. --


3:37 PM  
Blogger Indigo Red said...

Actually, PV, I think Gordy got the painting exactly. Where the critique went astray was the assignation of absurdity. Neither the painting itself nor he subject in the particular pose is absurd.

She fully understands that Jolie is not a holy personage, but she then neglects the fact that WE put that aura around her and other famous people.

For me, I'm really glad this was not a portrayal of the performer Madonna and her purchased African lawn ornaments. At least, Jolie actually works hard for the world's children to make their lives better. That she should succumb to her own protective feelings of motherhood is completely understandable. But, the trip to Africa by a rich white woman to buy a poor little black child is highly disturbing.

The painting is beautiful.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, jolie is such a saint *rollseyes*

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm proffessor of one of french painting schools and this painting is UGLY!!! only americans can appreciated cause they 're enough stupid to like blurry oversweetened pontiac pictures.
It's afwul - terrible!

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^^ wow french retard professor of the whole blog & all the comments, even americans are being nauseated over it

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW such an esteemed french art professor bashing the veiwers and with such unbiased thought.
The painting should have been of some french whore hovering over all the LITTLE frog pansies that couldn't protect themselves in battle over the past 2000 years and run like LITTLE cowards . OOHLALA

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

comparing that tramp to the
virgin mary is pushing the envelope.
an exampe to all?
come on now.
fornicate, produce children without amrriage, that is an example. shame on you.
hope nobody buys this piece of trash.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are a genius! My suggestion: Stop defending and explaining your art and make more of it. When is the last time the AP reported on the work of a contemporary painter? When is the last time the average person in this country gave a moment of thought to considering the meaning of a work of art. THIS is your accomplishment. I am inspired and I think you are an original and a master. You have found, intentionally or unintentionally, the Holy Grail of widespread public noteriety (sp?) that has eluded so many talented artists throughout history. Goodbye obscurity, hello fame! Viva la Kate!

11:21 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

FunTasticLy Amazingly representative of the state of the worldly.

Keep up the good work.I quickly saw your work on the have a lot to communicate about Life,Religion,psycology and Fertility. You are a good mirror for society to look into. If only society was not afraind to take a good look.Thank YOU 4 being who U R


12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, 15 minutes of fame over! lmao


1:41 PM  

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