Friday, December 01, 2006

Spent the morning painting baggy clothes.

Had to reshape the whole back of the woman below: gesso over parts, remix the base blue, then glaze the highlights.Here's how it looks before I leave for Art Basel... I said that I would devote tomorrow to prepping for my Miami trip, but I might sneak in a few glazes in the morning. I need to get a good shot of it before I go: my digital camera has not taken a square shot of this since I stretched it.

(click to enlarge) Can't wait to get back and finish the Angelina Jolie as Virgin Mary / Wal M*art painting. I usually have a title pretty early in the painting process, and I have a few ideas, but I am not sold on any of them yet.

When I return, I will spend 1-2 days blocking in the boring merchandising things that I have been dreading, then the rest will be enjoyable, coaxing the painting in different directions and creating mood through glazing. I was doing the blue in the clouds today, and realized how much I rely upon faith in my process. When you work with glazes, there is rarely any room for corrections, and I am always nervous when I start a big glaze across major surface areas.... the color has to work over the previous colors, the glaze often needs to be brushed around certain shapes without breaking into the edges. (Today, I was brushing blue around the children, their wings, etc)

This evening, we went to Raleigh for the opening of a Contemporary Crafts show that I am in. Saw some people I know, and realized how, despite all the traveling, I have been pretty isolated while concentrating on this painting for the past few months, mostly spending days in the studio with Radley.
From this to the overload of Basel, the insanity of Miami in general, and running into million of friends and ex-students (the part I am looking forward to). Off to make my list of things to do for tomorrow.


Blogger Nancy Ann said...

What a cute dog! He must be great company in your studio.

I am an artist too, my studio is in my bedroom close to my bed. I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis so need to take breaks. I have two black cats that critque my work and to snuggle with during breaks.

Keep up the good work!

Take care,

Nancy in Kannapolis, NC

11:47 PM  

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