Friday, February 09, 2007

Been so busy I have not caught my breath. Working on the cartoons (drawings) for two new large pieces.

Read Female Chauvanist Pigs cover to cover last night, and it was well-worth devoting an evening to: I heard something on NPR about it, and all my friends in Miami were discussing it when I was there a few months ago. I thought I should read it, as it related to one of my ideas for a painting, but devouring it while being halfway through my sketch for this painting, the synchronicity was almost unbearable. I am midway through Art Incorporated (which is informative, but whenever the emphasis on economics gets to be too much, my eyes glaze over). I am savoring the Johanna Drucker Sweet Dreams book, as it resonates so profoundly at this moment when I am taking some big leaps with my work.

With the help of my incredible brother, revamping the look (a little less goth/Cure) and content of the website to clean it up and bring it up to date (adding new images, taking down old, adding still more reviews, updating artist statement, etc). Today is paperwork day: rewrite statement, put together some exhibition proposals, and in general update everything that might be going to New York with me in a few weeks. I will hit Chelsea, the Armory show and some of the peripheral fairs. The other must-sees for me are the Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting show at MAD, and Family Pictures at the Guggenheim. Catherine Opie, who is in the Family Pictures show, is speaking at UNC Greensboro this Sunday, so I have a roadtrip planned.


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