Saturday, February 24, 2007

Here is a gorgeous photo by Ori Gersht that I saw at the Armory show proper: an in-progress shot of an exploding vase of flowers. There were a dozen images there, some zoomed way in (these were the ones that drew me in, as there was much more ambiguity to them, and the punch line was not given away), but they were all incredibly seductive.

The week in New York was unbelievably productive. I walked around looking at art for 4 days straight, stopping only for a few meetings. I will be dropping off the face of the earth for the next week to recharge my batteries. There may be a post or two, but I will not be writing regularly until I return to my studio on Monday, March 5th, when I will resume work on my new painting full full-time and corresponding blogging. Enjoy your week!


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