Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It is great to be in New York, especially with the unseasonably warm weather in the 40's. It was exhilarating walking around Chelsea yesterday, watching moving trucks and vans being loaded with art to go to the fairs. Today, I will go to the Guggenheim, for the Spanish Painting show and the Family Pictures show, then to MAD.

This cinematically-deprived North Carolinian is hoping to sneak a movie in before the meetings I have late this afternoon and evening. Tomorrow and Friday I will do fairs. I miss being in the studio, it is hard to leave town when one is immersed in projects, but I am feeding myself with art, and gathering valuable information, which is almost as vital, and sometimes, almost as fun.


Anonymous Sigrid said...

I'm just curious which movie you went to see.

Because I can recommend a good one! I just saw the German movie "The Lives of Others" yesterday (yes, my background and first language is German, so I confess I have a hereditary interest). The movie is about the Stasi police in former East Germany, in the early 80s. "Stasi" comes from the word "Staatssicherheit" and means "state security". The tactics and level of power of the Stasi was eerily reminiscent of the SS in Nazi Germany, and of course of the KBG under Stalin. They were able to destroy people's lives in so many ways. In the case of this movie, it showed the abuse of power of the Stasi over a couple of artists (an actor and a playwright). And above all, for purely personal reasons. The movie evoked East Germany and its culture very well, complete with the greyness and paranoia that came from living in a big brother type of environment. I especially enjoyed the set design, there was one apartment decorated in that 70's German-Scandinavian style, except it was the East Block's version of it.

But most importantly, the movie has a great storyline and great acting.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Wow, I'll miss u again! I'm going to NY in 3 weeks. Can't wait to see those Spanish Paintings @ the Guggenheim...try to snap some pics and blog them ;) HAVE FUN!

10:59 AM  

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