Friday, February 23, 2007

Wednesday, saw the Spanish painting show, which had some beautiful, haunting pieces sandwiched in between some important paintings that left me cold. There were lots of Picassos used as a kind of compare and contrast: here is another artist's painting of a woman's head, and, next to it, here is Picasso's version of a woman's head, etc. In general, there seemed to be less guts and passion than I expected to see. The Family Pictures show, however, was amazing, full of gorgeous images, human frailty and dysfunction.

The Radical Lace Show at MAD blew me away... I rarely carry catalogs back with me on the plane any more, preferring to write down the names and order the books from Amazon, or call later and get the books shipped from the museum. I inquired about the Radical Lace catalog, because I was willing to shlep it back, and they informed me that they were sold out and back ordered. I am making a note to myself to remember to call again in a month or so to order one.

I snuck in the film "Notes on A Scandal" before my evening meeting... I am really dying to see "Little Children", and that new French film about the artist (I am too tired to remember the name), but the timing didn't work out. This week, here in NYC, you can also watch the 5 short films nominated for Academy Awards in one sitting. Another NYC visit that was a few days too short.

This morning, took the train to NJ to visit my friend Sarah, which was great fun. Came back to the city around noon and did Pulse and the ADAA show, had another meeting, then came back to my brother's place in Brooklyn, had some good Indian food, and crashed.

Tomorrow I will do the Armory show, the LA show, and Scope, if I can fit it in. Must crash now.... exhausted.


Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda™ said...

Hi Kate,
I hope you have been well. I want to see 'Little Children' too because of Jackie Earl Hayley from The Bad News Bears, i'm glad he had a second act!

Have a great trip,
Super Amanda

1:41 AM  

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