Friday, March 23, 2007

Greetings..... Thursday was my birthday, and the fun, games, and goofing off lasted well into today. It started on Wednesday night, when I drove into Greensboro to see the film Little Children, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was one of two people in the theater.

Thursday I woke up to breakfast in bed, then went to get a massage. I had a hard time deciding between reading and watching movies all day, or going thrifting/antiquing to look for a chair. I have decided that the extracurricular activity to expand my brain and manual repertoire will be to make a funky, faux-folk-art version of Bernini's throne of St Peter (click on the picture in the link for a larger view) for my front foyer, only quite a bit more modest in scale. (more on WHY in a future blog...) So I spent most of yesterday on Elm St in Greensboro, hitting the antique and goodwill shops. Even though it was my birthday, I did not buy a single thing! I made a few notes on some chairs, but none of them seemed just right. Foraging is one of my favorite pastimes, and a great way to spend my birthday, despite coming home empty handed.

I met a friend for coffee late afternoon, then my sweetie took me to Durham to go to a tapas restaurant that I love. It was only after we were seated with the menus in our hands that we realized that we were in the right building, only it was no longer a tapas restaurant, but a steakhouse. : ( We came home, opened presents, and Kevin had made me a Apple Walnut Upside Down Cake with Calvados Caramel Sauce.

Then I made him watch one of my birthday presents, Babe, with me before going to bed. Friday after the gym, I continued the hunt with my friends.... they took me to a great thrift/antique place in Reidsville where I found the perfect chair for $20, along with a birdcage I am going to line with creeping thyme and put in the yard, much to the dismay of my husband. My friends also introduced me to the Scrap Exchange, a place I have been waiting to see for a long time. I got some wood to use for my chair, and lots of cool storage containers for my sewing room, but it was not what I expected... I was hoping for barrels full of cheap small objects to glue onto larger objects. "You want a variety store that is going out of business", my friend David said.

Tonight we got on the motorcycle and went to dinner in Mebane. It was a gorgeous night, and we rode past the smells of people cooking on the grill, cool pockets of air when the road dipped, and the increased moisture in the air as you cross over the Haw River.

So the weekend holds... work on my painting cartoons, choosing a paint color for the living room, cooking for some friends coming over tonight, fast forwarding through 4 DVDs of "That's Entertainment" to find what I need for one of the paintings, and, if I am lucky, ripping apart my chair and stripping it.


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