Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Here are some Chapel Hill Peace Vigil pics from Monday night... there were maybe 60-70 people there by the end. Everyone took turns reading stories written by loved ones about the soldiers who had died. One mother broke down when she read another mother's piece about her son. After the vigil, the guy next to me said that he had met the man who wrote the piece that I read, at an impeachment rally in Washington.
You could tell the pros from the amateurs because they were prepared for the wind and had their candles in cups or candle holders: mine kept blowing out. A few people drove by and yelled "Hippies" out the windows of their cars. Kevin went with me, under the provision that he would not be required to sing "Give Peace a Chance".

Yesterday was a weird day. I ended up doing packets for museums and doing reading research for the paintings. I decided that I need to play a little bit.... I am feeling restless. I remember when I was working on Fate of Technicolor Romantic, it took a year to do. I had a grant, so I did not have to teach that summer, and I traveled from one art residency place to another and worked very intently on it. I was at the Millay Colony in upstate NY, and I was feeling the way I do now. Another older, wiser artist told me to "do what my hands wanted to do", and that's where "Some Penises I Have Known" came from. So I will be drawing on one of my painting cartoons today, but may also break out the gouache or Prismacolor pencils and do some quick things.

I also feel the need to get out of Dodge. The birthday fairies have arranged for the film I have been wanting to see, "Little Children", to be in Greensboro this week, so I will be heading there tonight, and getting a bucket of popcorn, as the brackets for my braces are going on in a few weeks. : )


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