Monday, March 26, 2007

Schedule Change....
Here is the $20 chair for my upcoming project.
The weekend agenda changed somewhat, as I received word that some art friends were coming for Easter, and I was to get a studio visit soon after that. We moved into this house 18 months ago. It is the first house I have ever owned in my life. We had to buy it in a hurry, while I was still in Miami. It was a committee decision, which means that my husband did not get the ugly house in the woods with 10 acres and a stream, and I did not get the 1916 house with original unpainted woodwork and fireplaces in every room that made me weep the moment I walked in the front door. Instead, we made a spread sheet (Kevin is a scientist), and we gave all the houses on our list "points" for various attributes, and we moved into a very large house with no personality that needed no work. (This ultimately proved to be a good decision, as the last year and a half has been insane.) Anyway, the former tenants were very fond of beige, and various taupes, and shiny brass accents. When we first moved in, I threatened to slit my wrists if we did not paint over the neutrals immediately. Then his Mom died unexpectedly. Then we planned a wedding. Then I got back to working 14-16 hours a day in the studio.

So aside from the occasional wince, I have tried to ignore the colors of our walls: there were more important things to do. Six months ago, we redid the den in a lovely avocado with terra cotta ceilings, which is where we hang out the most when we are feeling communal. I decided that the foyer needed a folk art throne, so I am working on that. The paint that we picked out for our bedroom is still sitting in cans in the basement. But with the new knowledge that my friends are coming for Easter (art friends with an INCREDIBLY cool house), and a curator is to follow, the butter-colored walls of the living room needed to be addressed, so that's what we did on Sunday. They are now the color of blue hydrangeas, my favorite flower. Here's what the color looks like on Radley's butt:
(note the butt swirls, one of the Radley characteristics that most frequently gets incorporated into the endlessly expanding repertoire of songs that we make up about the Goob). While I was finishing up painting switchplates this morning, I had a great art idea, which I will commence this afternoon.

So the only time we make any real strides on this house is when we have guests come to visit. Which means that if you are my friend, and you want to help make my house a more beautiful place to live and visit, you must schedule that trip to NC like you promised!


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