Thursday, March 08, 2007

Somehow in all the "excitement" last month, I missed this amazing Jerry Saltz article about the art market making us stupid.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, Mo Dickens here from the Belger Arts Center in Kansas City. We look forward to exhibiting your work this summer during the Surface Design Association conference. My wife, Cary Esser, is the Chair of Ceramics at the KC Art Institute. We moved here from Chapel Hill where Cary was born and raised and I lived for 20 years. You might be able to help that movie fix by visiting CH from time to time. There's a good art movie house on Weaver Dairy Rd. I believe it's called the Chelsea. I used to live in CH and work in Burlington, it's not a bad drive if you stick to the backroads...I noticed you listed Donald Kuspit as one of your favorite authors, he taught at UNC when I was a student back in the 1970s. I look forward to meeting you and hope you finally saw "Little Children". Your bro in KC,MO

11:08 AM  

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