Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Greetings all,
A great long weekend with friends, hanging out, eating and looking at art. Went to the Nasher Museum at Duke (my first time... they had a gorgeous Petah Coyne and a great show on street art), the NC Museum of Art, which is always amazing because of the permanent collection, and the Mint. Saw the Duke Gardens in full bloom. One of the highlights of their trip was taking them to see my friend David blow glass.
My friends hid chocolate bunnies all over the house and I kept finding them while reaching for a baking dish or getting out the napkins. They were utterly indulgent with Radley, and he is a bit mopey now that they are gone. Today, I am off to ArtSpace in Raleigh to measure for my upcoming show there, then back for some upcoming show business-y stuff and embroidery.


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