Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Main Event, and Pleasurable Distractions...

Spending the day trying to wrap up last bits of drawing, so I can do the comparatively simple lower portion of this cartoon and start painting by next week. I break every few hours and work on tracings for my new embroidery,
and sketches for some gloves.

This is my week for Hand-to Hand, an ongoing collaborative project conceived by Atlanta artist Cecelia Kane. Monday through Saturday of this week, I must pick a news story concerning the Iraq war, and alter, embellish or construct a glove in response. Cecelia began by working on the white cotton gloves herself, but has been asking other artists to participate for a while now, and been exhibiting the work in various locations (The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, Ruby Green gallery in Nashville). The project will continue until the war has ended. I am doing my sketches in response every day, but will be executing the work during the next month or so (because Kate can't do ANYTHING in one day.)

Since I have begun working in my studio full-time, I have realized that, while my hands compulsively need to make things all the time, my brain cannot work unceasingly on a single project when I am in the conceptualizing or compositional phase. I can't SEE the work unless I walk away from it and look at something else for a while.

I have heard from the editor that the interview I did with Foam Magazine is out (nothing in the online version).... if you are close to a newstand in a beach area or major city, check it out. I will see it in a few days when the editor's copies get here... I don't know what it looks like, but it was one of the more enjoyable/in depth interviews I did.


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