Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My compulsive hands dictate that I should be working on the embroidery.
My heart wants to be working on the large paintings.
My head reminds me that I have two shows going up in the next few weeks, and I need to prep older pieces and finish up what is going into the shows.

One of the pieces that was going to be in the Artspace exhibition sold, and I want to replace it with a new piece that will be a great introduction to the rest of the work in the exhibition, as well as fleshing out the theme somewhat. The Artspace show opens next Friday.

The gesso/sanding cycle of the carpet continues: we are on layer 14 or 15, and the painting will begin today. It is one of the more difficult things I have ever attempted to do: not laborious in the way that hair embroidery is, but arduous, like trying to scrub a floor that has not been cleaned in 30 years, but needs to be pristine enough to eat off of. You try Mr. Clean, you try bleach, etc., and each one brings it closer, but does not get you all the way "there".


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