Monday, April 16, 2007

We spent the weekend in Atlanta, to catch Kevin's cousin's wife's harpsichord concert at Oglethorpe University. She played a series of duets from Rembrandt's time with Oglethorpe's "harpsichordist in residence" to complement the exhibition of etchings in the gallery. (My undergraduate mentor was nuts about Rembrandt, and to this day, I call upon cross hatching lessons gleaned from studying his reproductions). It was quick trip, but I managed to get to Little Five Points, my favorite part of the city and stomping grounds from grad school years (vintage clothing stores out the wazoo!). After the cultural deprivation of the past few months, it was hard to keep from spending all day there. I took my husband for his first visit to the Junkman's Daughter, and he was suitably dazzled.

Luckily, he drove the whole way, so I got lots of embroidery done: my outline is almost finished:
Today was a blustery, frustrating day.... the 25 mph winds seemed to blow me off-kilter:

•wireless in the house did not work till 5 pm, thwarting research
•spilled coffee in my car
•think I ruined my dryer by doing experiments for a piece I am working on
•had to go pick up taxes from accountant, then stand in line at the post office to mail them
•did NOT go to the gym because there were too many errands to run, and I needed studio time
•tore my studio apart looking for some old images that I still have not found, hoping that they are not somewhere back in FL

Did manage to put down a golden yellow/orange glaze on the crying man, and I am liking the effect.

I will spend the rest of the evening trying to locate my images, then embroider while I watch Sherrybaby, courtesy of Netflix.


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