Friday, May 11, 2007

The Art Preparation Marathon Continues....

The Defense Mechanism Coat is wrapped in its new shroud,
inside a gorgeous crate (photographed by a very fuzzy, tired artist at about 2 a.m.)
that took all day yesterday to make. The 160 lb., $400-to-ship-one-way-insured crate is sitting in the garage, waiting for the DHL guys to come pick it up. Kevin offered to help with the crate, but my ego, feminist, and control monsters insisted upon doing it themselves, and today, muscles in various hitherto unknown parts of my body are paying the price.

Today, shift focus to finishing a secret project for the Intimate Apparel Exhibition, a group exhibition in Kansas City. I'm still not alowed to talk about it. Here is the postcard (click to enlarge):
And here is the postcard for my upcoming exhibition at The Belger Arts Center in Kansas City (ditto on the clicking):
Getting fiber stuff ready for this show will consume all of next week, culminating in a flight to Kansas City on the 20th for installation. After that, NOTHING but making art in the studio (back to my big paintings, with embroidery in the evenings).

Tonight is "Homegrown", an exhibition opening at SECCA in Winston Salem, and one of the featured artists, my friend Carol Prusa, is flying in for the reception from FL. Tomorrow I am getting up at 6 a.m. to drive to a day-long, public art workshop.

P.S. Watched the film "Jesus Camp" a few nights back, via Netflix. Amazing & scary. Worth a look.


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